Indivisible Below the Beltway

Our Mission Statement: We believe that everything we do can make our community, state, and country better. But this won’t happen by itself or if we remain on the sidelines or in the bleachers, venting to our family and friends. Instead, we make change by getting out in our community, attending civic action meetings, talking to voters, protesting wrong-headed policies, and fighting against climate change, gun violence, unfair immigration policies, discrimination and hate.

Where We Are

Our members live in the Lee, Mount Vernon, and Springfield districts of Fairfax County, Virginia.

To see your state delegate, state senator, U.S. congressional rep and U.S. senator and contact infos, visit the site below and enter your address.

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Click the link below to My Neighborhood> and enter your address to find your voting precint, polling place, and your Fairfax County representatives. Under FAIRFAX COUNTY, below the current Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, your supervisor is listed with the district that is represented. That is your district based on the address you entered.

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Upcoming Events

Meetings, fundraisers, and other happenings of interest to those below the beltway.

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